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A few words about my self Who Am I?

My career transformed when I moved to Ouarzazat the land of cinema. There I started specializing in set and camera department, exploring the visual art and composition techniques, storytelling, and screen writing withe passionate and creative friends. After I come back to Casablanca and begin, work in camera department with many production companies and creative agency. I hope that you will enjoy with my show reel and after that, we can create something great together Through the lens, the world looks different and I would like to show you this difference. I have been working in filmmaking and video production for over a decade that helps me in my work with modern brands and companies. Moreover, all of this may be yours, just get in touch.

Andrew Shade
Project Documentary 7
Project Cinematography 13
TV Production 897
Comercial - Advertising - Web 45

Where magic is happening My Space

This is the place, where I can work with lights and shadows to create something brilliant. I'm talking about my atmosphere.

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