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I offer my clients a wide range of services in various directions. Someone thinks that a professional videographer should be focused on one type of videography, but for my practice I have gained enough experience to feel confident in several different directions.

Personal Session

camera departement & lighting workflow Cinematography

As a cinematographer, the image is the heart and soul of the film. I have experience with a large array of camera systems from small form factor up to high end systems such as ARRI. I also have additional support kit, such as motion control rigs for dynamic time-lapses and experience with steadycam or gimbal rigs.

Wedding Photography

Emotions and storys Captured in Time Documentary

The documentary for me is life in all its manifestations and diversity. We represent reality, embody its creativity within the circle of life. We see it as a dream, but it is a dream we live in while we are in the most awake state.

Your Love Story

programme producing - news reporting TV production

i can shot , edit and produced news reportage programe and feutured

Commercial Photos

helps selling something Commercial

If we are talking about high-quality promotional photos and videos, then you can not talk about savings, but you need to approach the matter with all responsibility and seriousness. After all, future sales directly depend on the quality of the finished photos and videos.

Nature Photography

communication intern and extern Corporate

your comunication is my passion withe the big ideas creativs team we are ready to collaborate withe your company

Travel Photography

beautiful corners of the earth Travel

My thirst for travel is no less than my love for photography. And it’s wonderful when one passion can complement another. I travel a lot around the most beautiful corners of our planet, and in my collection there are a lot of interesting photos.

According to Successfully Projects My Skills Level

color grading

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